This was my best Mothers Day EVER watching my son perform on your stage after being told he would never walk or talk when he was very little! The ROYAL Board, Cast, Backstage Crew and Parents are all amazing and felt like family. We have been enjoying your shows since Willy Wonka and my son always dreamed of being in the spotlight.
Today was emotional as I sat not with him beside me, but rather watched him on stage - with very happy tears. From my family to the ROYAL family we thank you so much!!!

- Kelley D.



ROYAL was my first experience being on stage and behind the scenes. From my start in the original "Twelve Dancing Princesses" to my last performance before heading off to college, "Peter Pan," I was in a place where I could have fun, make life-long friends, and entertain others. Even when I wasn't cast in a show, I learned so much from the people around me. I ran lights for a few productions and that's what really inspired me to follow my current career path as a Lighting Designer. Working with professional equipment really gave me an edge in college as I was building off what I had already learned from being a ROYAL kid. To those who helped mold me in ROYAL, thank you for being the foundation to my life's career.

- Tony P.



This organization has been the best part of my junior high and high school career. Amazing talent, directors, board, and productions.

- Alex T.



Just took my daughter on a date to see Les Mis. Blown away by the talent, preparation and execution of these young ladies & gents. Not to mention spectacular costumes, sets, SFX... Whole cast & crew knocked it out of the park. Bravo!

- Todd H.



A great place for young people to cultivate a love of the arts, and the quality of the performers is extraordinary.

- Jon R.



Thank you for making our little girl's night out with Mom and Dad by picking her for the cameo during the Annie show. Not only is Annie her favorite movie, but also your cast made this a night she will never forget. Top class organization!! We will be back to support your efforts!

- Anthony M.



What an amazing show. Best talent, best directing, best program in the area.

- Lora S.