SHOW DATES: June 28-30, 2024

LOCATION: Mason High School (6100 Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH)



Based on the classic book by Roald Dahl, Matilda is the story of a little girl with astonishing wit, intelligence, and psychokinetic powers. She's unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Over the course of her first term at school, Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other's lives, as Miss Honey begins not only to recognize but appreciate Matilda's extraordinary personality. Matilda's school life isn't completely smooth sailing, however - the school's mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don't abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts, and could be the school pupils' saving grace!

Announcing our Matilda Cast!


Blake Barker



Levi Baum



Joshua Blatman


Dad# 4

Carrick Broderick



Alexis Brown


Big Kid Classmate/Nurse

Hannah Brown


Little Kid Classmate

Madeline Bruns


Scary Big Kid//Nurse

Bree Campbell


Big Kid Classmate

Seb Collins


Sergei/Dad #1

Donovon Coppridge


Escapologist/Dad #2

Tanner Corra


Henchmen #2/Big Kid Classmate

Remi Davenport


Little Kid Classmate

Leeann Dearman


Big Kid Classmate

Skylar Denbow


Cook/Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Ella Drabczyk


Big Kid Classmate/Nurse

Eliot Egbers



Madelyn Elder


Big Kid #2

Sydney Fisher


Mrs. Phelps

Kara Flores-Golden


Little Kid Classmate

Jenna Freeman


Henchmen #5/Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Victoria Garcia


Little Kid Classmate

Mackenzie Glass


Big Kid Classmate

Jonathan Gochoel


Michael Wormwood

Grace Gould


Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Lily Hall


Big Kid Classmate/Nurse

Chelsea Harris


Miss Honey

Jorja Higgins


Mom #4/ School Staff

Abby Hilty


Big Kid Classmate

Olivia Hoelle


Mom #2/ School Staff

Amelia Hossain


Little Kid Classmate

Leah Hutcheson


Big Kid Classmate

Haley Hutcheson


Little Kid Classmate

Chaarvi Iyengar


Snark Kid/Nurse

Griffin Kraemer



Brayden Ksander


Henchmen #1/Big Kid Classmate

Amira Lavender



Sherene Lavender



Tai Malone


Children's Entertainer/School Staff

Cara Beth Manning


Little Kid Classmate

Jennifer Martin


Agatha Trunchbull

Emmarie Mason


Mom #3/ Dance Ensemble

Keira McCoy


Mrs. Wormwood

Annabelle Mitchell


Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Abigail Moates


Big Kid Classmate

Susannah Neppes


Big Kid Classmate

Ines Nunez Vazquez



Lydia Pennimpede


Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Cyrus Pocock


Henchmen #3/Little Kid Classmate

Katie Sako


Big Kid Classmate

Sofia Seitz


Mom #1/ Dance Ensemble

Chloe Sernoffsky


Henchmen #4/School Staff/Nurse

Sky Shaw Smyth



Cody Smallwood



Philip Smyth


Mr. Wormwood

Quinn Suttman


Big Kid #1

Lena Trinidad



Olivia Weir


Little Kid Classmate

Isabella Weir


Matilda Wormwood

Cora Westendorf


Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Emma Whittington


Dance Ensemble/Nurse

Mya Wik


Big Kid Classmate

Ruth Williams


Little Kid Classmate

Kate Woodrey


Big Kid #3/Nurse