ROYAL Night on Broadway


SHOW DATE: May 7, 2021 (Date is subject to change with COVID-19 regulations)


Director: Dirk Doebereiner
Choreographer: Maddi Kilgore
Production Manager: Karen Kilgore


Let’s celebrate the brilliance, inspiration, and magic of musical theatre! This show is designed to lift the hearts and minds of our community through the power of theatre featuring Broadway showtunes from iconic and heart-warming favorites to vibrant and current crowd-pleasing hits. It will be the feel-good event of the year!

The cast of this production will perform along with our special guest – Broadway and TV star, Chris Lee!

In his most recent onstage performance, Chris played the roles of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway smash hit Hamilton

Congratulations to our cast:

Austin Boccher

Grace Broxterman

Kate Burdine

Madeline Burnette

Marah Burnside

Aiden Canino

Sophia Canino

Finn Collins

Ben Crane

Carson Crane

Carter Dendy

Savannah Eveslage

Elijah Fidder

Landon Flaherty

Ashlynn Hezlep

Katie Hill

Ava Huelskamp

Myra Kelly

Julia Kershaw

Haley Kuchta

Izak Lord-Wohlstein

Josie Lorenz

Julia Lorenz

Evan Lusht

Abby MacNeil

Gabriella Martel

Samantha Martel

Kassie Martin

Audra McCullough

Ian Meeker

Claire Northcut

Sarah Opoku

Brooke Partin

Naomi Quigley

Ezilee Robinson

Ceileigh Rodway

Quinn Rodway

Luke Royer

Reina Ryan

Eliah Schroeder

Evelyn Spaeth

Molly Stewart

Josiah Taylor

Audree Terry

Isabella Wesloh