ROYAL Night on Broadway

SHOW DATE: January 22, 2021. (Date is subject to change with COVID-19 regulations)

Audition Information/Requirements:

Audition Dates/Times: Select one time slot on Monday, August 24 OR Tuesday, August 25 between 6:00PM – 10:00PM.

Audition Sign up: Sign Up Here

Director: Dirk Doebereiner
Choreographer: Maddie Kilgore
Production Manager: Karen Kilgore


Let’s celebrate the brilliance, inspiration, and magic of musical theatre! This show is designed to lift the hearts and minds of our community through the power of theatre featuring Broadway showtunes from iconic and heart-warming favorites to vibrant and current crowd-pleasing hits. It will be the feel-good event of the year!

This will be unlike any production you’ve ever been in. Sure…you’ll have the chance to sing and dance with a talented cast of fellow ROYAL performers, but we’ve got so much more planned! We’re not going to give away all of our secrets yet, but we’ll share one BIG announcement: 

The cast of this production will perform along with our special guest – Broadway and TV star, Chris Lee!

In his most recent on-stage performance, Chris played the roles of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway smash hit Hamilton. You do not want to throw away your shot at performing along with this Hamilton star!